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  • 08:38 PM - 3rd September, 2021 Huge thanks must go to Miss Harris and the transition team for all of their dedication and hard work, as well as all of our Primary feeder teachers who have been so helpful in assisting us to start building positive relationships with new students early. Together we are stronger.
  • 07:59 PM - 3rd September, 2021 Year 7 were fantastic today...full of curiosity, focus and positive energy. We look forward to doing it all again on Monday where we will all challenge ourselves, be leaders and learners, and strive to improve every day. To the rest of our #JOGfamily students, see you soon.
  • 09:17 AM - 3rd September, 2021 Mr Hawthorne and Miss Harris are doing a welcome assembly for our second key branch of the #JOGfamily tree...our students! And what a smart group our new intake of Year 7s are. A new and important chapter has begun... Read more
  • 09:08 AM - 12th July, 2021 presents the Creative Student Prize 🔥👀Win a MacBook Air complete with a year-long Adobe Creative Cloud subscription! If you're a student aged 14-18 living in the UK or ROI, we want to hear from you! More info + to apply visit: Read more Read more
  • 07:05 PM - 11th July, 2021 Two opportunities available at - Part-time Science Technician and Minibus Driver. If you would like to discuss either role, please give us a call (01488 682400) - Read more
  • 06:37 PM - 10th July, 2021 Best of luck Year 6! Well done! Have yourselves a well-deserved summer holiday. I hope it’s a really good one
  • 06:37 PM - 10th July, 2021 New beginnings - Good luck Year 6. Here's a poem for you. Read more
  • 06:36 PM - 10th July, 2021 Good luck Year 6. May you always greet life with open eyes, an open mind and an open heart. You got this!
  • 06:36 PM - 10th July, 2021 Well, what a year you've had Year 6 - well done for getting through it all and for remaining cheerful and kind and creative! What wonderful adventures lie ahead for you all!! Xx Read more
  • 06:36 PM - 10th July, 2021 Hey Year 6. Yes, you! I know it's been a tough one. You've worked at home, in school, in masks, in a freaking pandemic! You've had more bubbles burst than a flat can of cherryade. But you know what? You did it. You're awesome. NOTHING can stop you. Next year ... bring it on 👊
  • 06:35 PM - 10th July, 2021 ⭐️YEAR 6 YOU STARS!!!⭐️ Good luck in your new schools! 🤩The future is SO EXCITING🤩 Read more
  • 06:35 PM - 10th July, 2021 Lots and lots of good luck Year 6! Embrace the bright and sparkly futures ahead of you and most importantly, have fun! 🤗
  • 06:35 PM - 10th July, 2021 YEAR SIX LEAVERS! What a journey you've been on this last year or so, and what an adventure you have ahead of you. Best of luck with everything that you go on to do and keep those passions burning bright!
  • 06:35 PM - 10th July, 2021 Year 6, you’ve shown incredible resilience and determination this year… and were true leaders in the school. I hope you have a lovely summer break - you deserve it!
  • 06:35 PM - 10th July, 2021 Good luck Year 6 - hold the fun, friendships, kindness and creativity of primary school and take them forward - stay kind, stay curious and adventures await. Oh! And keep reading books for pleasure 😊

Open Events 2021

Thank you to everyone who came along to our recent Open Events. It was wonderful to welcome so many of you and we hope you enjoyed the opportunity to look around and ask any questions you may have had. If you weren't able to attend, the presentation from the evening is available to view below. For further information about transition from primary to John O'Gaunt, please go to the Transition 2022 tab

JOG Open Evening Presentation