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‘Today a reader, tomorrow a leader’ Margaret Fuller

Literacy is at the heart of JOG School and our Library is what makes it beat. Well resourced, fresh, light and airy: we are rightly proud of our Library and our students make full use of it.

Our Library has:

  • Cosy seating areas to relax and read in, including sofas, beanbags and a reading and revision nook.
  • Fantastic Fiction: regularly refreshed, exciting, new and relevant books as well as the classics, graphic novels and magazines. We also have a non-fiction library and extensive online resources. 
  • Computers for study, research and homework use.
  • A BIG touch screen for use in lessons, for meetings, clubs and presentations – and BBC News at lunchtimes.  
  • A Careers Library.
  • Teaching area to seat a whole class (or two).
  • A Librarian to engage and guide students.

Quick Glance

The Library is open during the school day.  It can also be booked at other times.

All Year 7’s receive an introduction to the Library and are given initial research skills. These are kept up to date throughout their school life and top ups are always available on request!

Students are automatically enrolled into the Library.  Books may be borrowed and taken home and students are expected to have a reading book with them at all times in school – and are encouraged to read at home for a minimum of 15 mins a day. (This can of course be a book from home). Books are issued for 3 weeks – but can easily be renewed. There is a small charge for overdue books, to encourage students to return and exchange them. Lost books may be charged for.

We strongly recommend all students join West Berks Libraries. Not only does this allow access to a wider range of books and somewhere different to study (Newbury, Hungerford and Lambourn) there are important online homework and research facilities available from home or school. Free to join. 


Ours is a very modern Library. At Secondary School, peer pressure can have a negative impact on the idea of reading, studying and even being in a Library, but not at JOG. We allow table-top games on certain days, a bit of chat and socialising too. Ideas are shared, debates are had. We talk about what we’ve read, current affairs, what’s trending, what we’re writing and what we’re studying in school. It is not always a shush library (except when it needs to be) but it is always a busy, vibrant, welcoming place - full of possibilities.

Get in touch, keep in touch:

  • School Librarian, Mrs Chester, 9.15-2.30, Mon-Fri
  • Questions, queries or suggestions, Library Tours and more information on online resources, etc
  • Twitter @JogLibrary
  • Email

Reading for pleasure:

Encouraging your child to read for enjoyment is the best thing you can do for them.

 ‘Reading for pleasure is more important for children’s cognitive development than their parents’ level of education and is a more powerful factor in life achievement than social-economic background’. The Reading Agency

Reading …

  • Helps you progress better at school across the whole curriculum
  • Helps you communicate better and increases vocabulary
  • Helps you face and understand difficult times
  • Helps you know more about the world
  • Builds empathy – improving friendships & relationships
  • Puts you in someone else’s shoes
  • Improves mental health, confidence and self-esteem
  • Inspires imagination/creativity
  • Exercises lots of areas of the brain – reading is to the mind what sport is to the body!
  • Melts away stress and helps you get to sleep
  • Creates strong, independent thinkers

The Digital Library - Information Literacy:  

Never before has so much information been available at our fingertips. Yet what information to trust and how to find it becomes increasingly difficult. Arming students with the tools to negotiate, search and filter information – and get the right, quantifiable answers - is becoming vitally important. These are Information (or Digital) Literacy Skills: something you are going to hear a lot more about in the future. Students can learn how to ask the right questions of their research, to gather and process that information and communicate it through their own words and understanding. JOG is committed to developing independent, critical thinkers and good Digital Citizens. Information Literacy is at the heart of a good Library, and we are no different!


Students and staff have access to the best cross-curricular educational, research, interest and news online resources, including The Day, The Day Explorer, eChalk and Pro-Quest Historical Newspapers.

The Reading Cloud:  

‘Low levels of literacy cost the UK an estimated £81bn a year in lost earnings and increased welfare spending, impacting on the success of the economy as a whole’. John Bird. At JOG, we do everything we can to support and encourage readers.

The Reading Cloud is a wonderful way of engaging with the Library, virtually! Students can search the database, reserve books, post reviews and engage in bookchat from home or elsewhere, contributing to our developing reading culture at Jog.

Hampshire School Library Service:  

JOG is a member of Hampshire School Library Service, one of the very best of its kind in the country. It provides us with a fresh turnaround of the best books and our online services amongst other support, networks and training to keep our Librarian up to date.


We are always open to ideas and suggestions for Clubs, so do get in touch with Mrs Chester.

JOG off & Read Book & Biscuit Club (Alternate Thursday Lunchtimes) - Reads, recommendations, author interviews and book trailers on the big screen – Twitter connections with authors. Participation in Berkshire Book Awards and Carnegie Shadowing. Everyone gets a say. Relaxed atmosphere – with biscuits!

The Rookery Writer’s Club (Alternate Thursday Lunchtimes) - Students get the chance to do some creative writing, guided by Mrs Chester. We enter competitions and have a go at different methods of writing such as flash fiction, fan fiction, song lyrics and poetry, short stories and even novels. Mrs Chester is also a published author, nature writer, columnist and journalist – and runs various Writing Workshops at events and Literary Festivals during the school holidays.

Chess and Games Club – the game is afoot! (Tuesday Lunchtimes) - Always popular, we have several chess sets and other games, including Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, Mancala, Bananagrams and Headlines word game – and a fiendishly tricky Sherlock Holmes game …

Young Journalists - Our team of Journalists are great at spotting and reporting the good news stories, triumphs, events and achievements that come out of our school and its community. We meet often and benefit from visits and training from professional journalists. Our students regularly have stories published in the local press.

Accelerated Reader:

Children who read a lot become independent, open-minded, knowledgeable, questioning and confident citizens.

All Year 7 students take part in the Accelerated Reader programme, run by the Library and the English Department. 

Accelerated Reader (AR) is an innovative, intuitive software tool used for monitoring, encouraging and managing independent reading. It is proven to raise literacy standards for students by motivating them to read more, and guiding them towards suitably challenging books of their choosing.

Each term, students take a Star Test, which assesses their vocabulary and comprehension and allocates them a reading range to read between. Students choose a book at their individual level to read during timetabled Library Lessons and in their own time. When they have read the book, they take a short, fun, online quiz that assesses how well they have understood the book. If a student gets 100% in a quiz, their names go into a ‘chocolate draw’ at the end of term. Feedback based on the test and quiz results helps teachers and the librarian to guide each student, to set new targets and direct on-going reading practice. It is a wonderful way to engage and celebrate the benefits of reading.