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Library & Learning Resource Centre

A Big Warm Welcome to JOG Library - the beating heart of the school!

"You're never at a loss in the Library, there's always something to do"  - Ella, Y7

"The Library is like a big warm hug or a favourite comfort blanket - but it also gives you wings to fly!" - Holly, Y7 

"Clubs are a great way of bringing different people together, sharing, nurturing and growing ideas & forming opinions across the year groups" - Vicky, Y10

You can be sure of a very warm welcome to our lovely Library at any stage of your time at JOG School – and that relationship begins in Year 7!

Of course we are all about books and the incredible benefits of reading, but we are about so much more besides. Our big, bright, airy space is very flexible, with magazines, computers, touch screens, BIG screen, cosy corners and soft seating. There are onscreen curriculum games as well as our wonderful interactive news base, The Day.

Our Librarian Mrs Chester is on hand at breaktimes to chat and inspire students about almost everything - interests outside of school, what's going on in the world or schoolwork – and she’s one of our Mental Health Champions too. She is a published author, writer and journalist and is passionate about the planet and wildlife as well as books! Mrs Chester runs Eco Club, Book & Biscuit Club – and our famous Rookery Writers Club. If you’d like to create your own club, we can do that too! In the past, we’ve had Film Critic’s Club, Scriptwriting Club and a Comedy Club!

And books? We have a fresh supply of new, relevant and exciting books as well as a super Online Library of eBooks and eAudio that you can access from home, or via an App.

The Library is also a great place to come if you're having a wobble, need an answer to a burning question, have lost your timetable, way or need to catch up with homework, friends or just want to come in for some quiet time. It really is the place to be!

For the first few weeks, we’ll open the Library one day a week just to Y7 and our Student Librarians, to help you find your feet. We can't wait to meet you.

Mrs Chester

Librarian (& Author in Residence)


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