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Useful information and resources

FREERICE - Literacy in Lockdown:

As you know, we are running a TG Freerice competition as part of our approach to broadening minds and broadening vocabulary! Please encourage your child to register with Freerice at where they should then join their TG 'Freerice Group' using the relevant code below. There is a video here on why supporting this initiative is so important not only for our children, but also people all over the world:

Here is a link to the Freerice codes you will need:  FREERICE CODES


XBOX and PS4 consoles can be used to access Office 365

If laptops and tablets are unavailable at home, or being shared, XBox and PS4 consoles can be used to access most of the Teams features, including joining a meeting. This video clip will explain how to do it:



EEF Resources

Support Resources for Schools and Parents

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Useful online learning links and resources for our JOG Community


Process for self-isolating and testing students

NHS Advice - Is my child too ill for school

Remote Learning - Student Agreement

Remote Learning - Parental Agreement

Return to School Grant for families in the Horseracing industry