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Question Answer
Why can't my son/daughter opt for one extra subject as he/she can't decide which ones to study? He/ she will have a full timetable already when making subject choices; there is no space in the academic week to include a further option choice.
My child knows what he/she wants to do when he/she leaves John O’Gaunt so why does he/she have to follow all of the compulsory subjects? John O’Gaunt considers all the subjects it offers important to the rounded development of your child. The world of work that they will enter will require a much wider and adaptable skill base than that of the past.
Why is this happening now? What if my son/daughter wishes to change his/her mind before next year? We appreciate that some students may wish to make changes as the year continues and there MAY be an opportunity for some alternations to be made to a student’s choices; this would be dependant on the size of the classes at the time of the decision to choose another subject and therefore cannot be guaranteed.
Where can our child get more advice? There are many people that your child can go to for help and advice. He/she can speak to subject teachers, tutors, friends and, of course, yourselves.
This is so different to when we were at school. How can you guarantee that our son/daughter will get the subject that he/she chooses? We try to make the options as personalised as we can. Every effort is made to ensure that your child is able to study the subjects he/she has opted for. However, if there are not sufficient numbers to make up a class, then that  subject will not be offered and your child will be allocated to their reserve choice where possible.
My Child has additional educational needs. How will he get his specialist teaching at KS4? Each student requiring specialist teaching is considered on an individual basis and decisions are made in partnership with the family on when specialist teaching takes place.
What would happen if my child, once working in an option subject, realises that he/she has made a mistake?

We would hope after careful consideration and discussion, that this would not happen but if your child is unhappy with their choice of subject, it is possible within the first few weeks to move to another course if the numbers on that course allows.

How is homework set at KS4? At KS4, the type and volume of work done at home is both varied and demanding. Students will be expected to prepare for the next lesson whilst at the same time, completing work that could be the culmination of several weeks of study at home. This is very much subject dependent.
Can my child take any modern foreign language at KS4? No. Your child should take a language that has been studied for the past two years already.
Will my son/daughter study dual or triple award science? Every year 9 student is currently studying the same content which is called trilogy. This is the dual or double award qualification which is two GCSEs. Students wishing to study triple award science, now known as ‘separate sciences’ should choose this as part of their options.  The additional content required for separate science awards will be studied in these lessons to supplement the work done in core science lessons