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John O'Gaunt School's Grateful Thanks for a Huge Community Effort!

22nd March 2021

The John O'Gaunt School 'family' in Hungerford has been overwhelmed by the support from the community, in helping with the three waves of in-school mass testing of students for Coronavirus. 
The first day back at school on Monday, 8th March saw the whole school tested, and although this was a huge logistical operation, everyone - from volunteers, to parents and staff - rallied to the call for help, completing training, donning PPE and getting stuck in to ensure that everything went smoothly. In the next two weeks, follow up testing occurred in the transformed school 'POD' building, that looked more like a hospital, with testing stations, laboratories and billowing white curtains.  
Head of School, Richard Hawthorne said 'any anxieties the students had about the procedure were quickly and cheerily dispelled by the volunteers and staff, and the students were relaxed, informed and reassured as a result. They are now taking it in their stride, and carrying out further tests at home on a regular basis'.  
School Business Manager Samantha Tilling-Wells said, 'it really was history in the making. We are so grateful to our magnificent army of volunteers, who have generously given up a significant amount of time to help us get (and keep) our students safely back in school'. Richard Hawthorne added, 'we will be forever grateful for that response from the community. We absolutely could not have managed without them.'  

Below: Some of the volunteers and school staff getting ready for the next wave of students in the transformed Sports Hall.